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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why blog?

So I'm late to the party. In the past I made lots of excuses for not creating a blog: I was too busy, didn't have anything interesting to say, would rather be writing, etc. But I find myself enjoying the sharing of my thoughts more regularly than I once did and they say that writing something on a regular basis is still writing, even if you're only ranting about a bad book or movie or about your awful day at work. Thus Pumpkins and Prose was born. Now, this will not be an everyday blog (enter: excuses) but when I get in a mood and the literary mosquito bites, you'll have new posts from me. There will be updates to my writing (naturally), plugs to my books, things I find fascinating, but also much more personal thoughts than I would share on other sites. So I hope you enjoy this little piece of my mind. =^.^=

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