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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

For Love or Money?

Finding one's direction should be easy. We have compasses and devices for this type of thing along with the sun and the North star. But what happens when we get distracted by the things in our peripheral and lose sight of what is most important?

People get caught up in the rush of life. The bills become a task-master and so we slave away until we die. But there should be much more to it than that and many don't stop long enough to realize that they've just lost several years of their life at a job they hate. I believe in destiny- not the sort of destiny where it's preordained and written in stone but that we all have an ideal path if we should choose to take it. Some people sense what to do and they go about it without any mishaps. Others doubt themselves or rebel against their ideal path. And some get distracted. I believe that I'm meant to be a high-school English teacher and help prevent bad grammar and spelling in the next generations while sharing my (hopefully contagious) enthusiasm for literature. It took me a good long while to realize this but as a writer I know I can never be too far removed from books and can talk a great deal about topics that interest me.

This, along with the work hours, suits my lifestyle the best. Plenty of time to write on the weekends and time for family and friends. Not to mention summer break and Holidays.
But as it has a way of doing, money decided to distract me and I heeded it's siren call. Circumstances worked in such a way as to allow me advancement in my current job but the amount of hours demanded conflicted heavily with my 4 college classes which I was currently enrolled. I found myself scrambling to do both and still maintain a life. I don't know the meaning of compromise so I burned myself out. I snapped at family and friends and worse, complained. Sadly I also completely lost initiative to write.
When you begin to sour toward life, its time to pick another path. It may take you a few tries to find what jives with your destiny but its definitely worth the uncertainty and the push into new surroundings. There is always disappointment when life's threads work themselves into knots but in the end, we have to realize our limitations. Yes, we are human and miscalculate.

And so with this in mind, I'll be rearranging my life and dusting the literary cobwebs off of it. So you can expect more writing from me once that is done  ^_^

Moral of the story- pick a job like a relationship: for love, not money. If its your ideal path, money will follow. Or perhaps you'll be poor all of your life and famous posthumously ;)

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